Hello :) My name is Demi. I hope you enjoy my tumblr. I'm fascinated by glamour & old hollywood. I also love the art of make up & vintage hair styling. If you have any questions to ask please check my faq, if not i can try my best to answer any questions! I have a blogspot (dotsdivine.blogspot.co.uk) & instagram with the username (demiilauren) xx


Here I have set up a FAQ for some of the most popular questions I get asked. I love answering questions and helping so If you can’t find an answer here please don’t fret to ask. :) I just thought it may be easier to have some answers in one place. 

How do you curl your hair? 

I use rollers that I put into my hair at night, the type of rollers I use are bendy and much comfier to sleep in. Different size rollers can create different styles. I buy my rollers from amazon. 

What is your natural hair colour?

A medium brown with quite light roots! 

How often to you dye your hair and which brand?

I try to dye my hair every 2 weeks to keep it looking fresh. I like to try different brands so I don’t stick to one in particular. 

What Foundation do you use to match pale skin?

I find DiorNude, in the lightest shade perfect for pale skin. It matches the skin tone flawlessly. Other brands I have used are Clarins and Bare Minerals. 

Can you recommend any other make up products for pale skin? 

No7 Translucent Pressed Powder, Mac Studio Finnish Concealer, Art Deco Dita Von Teese Beauty Powder. 

What Lipstick do you use?

Usually Lipsticks by No7, they stay on very well. My favourite shade is ‘Siren’ and ‘Berry’. Again Art Deco Dita Von Teese Lipstick is also one of my favourites. 

Any tips on lipstick staying power?

Firstly make sure your lips are smooth and moisturised. Gently apply a loose light powder over your mouth before the lip liner. Always apply a lip liner, make sure it’s sharp so you get a clean shape. Apply lipstick, a lipbrush helps if not make sure your lipstick is smooth. When lipstick is applied I use a product called ‘Lipcote’ which helps seals the lipstick. 

Which eyeliner do you use?

I find Rimmel liquid eyeliner very good or No7. I prefer No7 because it has a clean thin brush for a precise line.

How do you wing your eyeliner?

It’s taken me alot of practise to perfect my eyeliner, I awlays start from the centre and I then gradually build up the line to flick out. 

Do you have any tutorials?

I don’t as of yet. They are something I really want to do but I’m waiting for a better quality camera as I find the little details important. 

How old are you?


Where are you from?

Ipswich,Suffolk which is part of East Anglia in England. 

Where do you work?

Topshop part time, I also sell vintage and some modern clothing online- usually eBay.

Are you studying?

Not at the moment. I would love to do a History course but I’m not so sure yet. 

What qualifications do you have?

Beauty Therapy, Art & Design & Fashion Media and Communication - Fashion styling, Photography, PR, Fashion History, Journalism

What do you plan to do with your life?

I would like to move out of Ipswich and live in a nice home full of things that I love. I want to have a successful online shop selling Vintage garments. I also want to be qualified in Vintage hair and make up 20s-60s. I want to involve as much of what i love into my life. 

Do you have a boyfriend?


Who is your favourite actress?

It is said alot but i adore Marilyn Monroe, I’m obsessed by her! I have many of her books and seen almost every film she was in. Watching Marilyn never fails to make me happy. 

Favourite Actor?

The beautiful Clark Gable

Favourite films?

All about Eve, Gone with the wind, Gentlemen prefer blondes, Gilda, A streetcar named desire, Bus Stop, It happened one night, On the town, East Parade, Pin Up Girl, Cover Girl, You were never lovelier, Niagara, Don’t bother to knock, Rebel without a cause, Giant, The last night i saw Paris.. just to name a few :) 

Where do you shop?

Buying Vintage is my favourite so i will search in Charity Shops, Vintage Fairs. I often find lovely surprises on eBay. I have a couple of Vintage shops which are in Norwich they are: Prim Vintage Fashion and Goldfinches. 

High St wise I like Topshop & H&M.

Who takes your photographs?

Whoever is handy, be it my friends or family. When I can I take alot of my photo’s myself..good old self timer!

How long have you been into and dressed vintage for?

I became aware of the Vintage scene when I was 14. I admired the fashions of the 40s-50s from then, however for myself i experimented with my own style. I only started dressing fully Vintage as the end of last year December 2011 but for me I wanted to learn about Vintage style and which decade and style would suit me best! It took time to learn how to do the hair plus buying the clothes at times is not cheap. 

What is your instagram?


May I add you on Facebook?

Yes, as long as you would like a chat :) My name on Facebook is Demi Lauren Abbott